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The Charm of Thai Cuisine


To truly appreciate Thai cuisine, you must first understand its charm. Every meal is a painting of flavors and textures adorning an edible white canvas, the humble bowl of rice, called charm kao.

Each region of Thailand has a different pallet of fresh ingredients that is uses to create a harmonious balance of spice, salt, sweet, and savory. At Charm Kao, we invite you to dine like the hip urbanites of Bangkok who plan their evenings around satisfying cravings for flavors from the four corners of their abundant homeland. Spicy coconut curries from the South. Fresh vegetables from the Center. Bitter herbs from the North. And papaya salad and freshwater fish from the Northeast (Isan).

Only in Bangkok can a gourmand sample this fusion of the best of these four regions, and only at Charm Kao can you do the same right here in Brooklyn.

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